Eating Out

Eating Out

This list is in by no means exhaustive and you may well have your own preferences.  These are some of the dining opportunities where members of the family have eaten out –



One of our favourites is Bonefish Grill on US 192. It’s not a budget option, but we like their ‘Hooked on Tuesdays‘ specials night at better value prices. Below on the left is the salmon dish with the shrimp on the right. (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Bonefish Salmon  Bonefish Shrimp


The best steakhouse we know of locally is the Longhorn Steakhouse, again on US 192

Texas Roadhouse on US 192 offers cheaper steaks which may actually be better than Black Angus.  It can get very busy, but it’s very popular with families on a budget. When we were last there they still had no in-house wifi

 Black Angus Steak House specialises in aged steaks.  It can be expensive, but soup or salad is included with every meal



A budget option if you’re looking for a Chinese is the Panda Express chain. They offer great value and quick service and fantastic orange chicken!



Blaze Pizza at Disney Springs is a pizza eatery we’d recommend and it’s similar to Subway in the way it operates. They do great tasting pizza and it’s one of the best value places on the Disney complex.  There’s a lot of choice and the pizza base is thin and crispy

Domino’s (our nearest one is on the corner of US 27 and Ronald Reagan Parkway north side) offers standard pizza which can be a touch on the expensive side, although you can get really cheap deals which make it worth it

You’ll no doubt be familiar with Pizza Hut from back home. The nearest one to the villa is on the crossroads of the Osceola Polk Line Road and South Old Lake Wilson Road and is on the north (left side) of the intersection on South Old Lake Wilson Road. You can eat in there, but it’s essentially a takeaway/delivery service

Little Caesars is in our view not quite as nice a pizza as Domino’s, but cheaper as standard.  Collection only, but some pizzas are pre-made so no waiting around (so like McDonald’s)



If you don’t already know Olive Garden, they offer a large variety of Italian fare but not pizza!  Soup or salad is included with every meal as a starter.  You’ll find its early dinner duos are great value and the bread sticks are amazing – like garlic bread! The nearest one is on US 192, just off the 429 freeway

We’ve been to Applebee’s a number of times, but more recently we’ve decided there are places we prefer which are better value.  The last couple of times we’ve been there it has been very quiet.

Chilli’s provide TexMex-style large portion dishes and they have a great 2 for $25 menu.

First Watch at ChampionsGate offers a healthier range of food, e.g. avocado on toast plus great omelettes, mixed hash browns.  Salad is supplied with many of the dishes

Another of our favourites which is very close to the villa is Miller’s Ale House in ChampionsGate. This is a great sports bar/restaurant with an amazing selection of beers (and TV sets!) and it’s popular with tourist families.  You may have to queue for a table, although they do now offer local deliveries. Our favourite dish is their signature Zinger’s Mountain Melt but you do need to feel very hungry before you order or you could have it as a share!  Try the burgers, the ribs or their chicken dippers with a variety of spices. Portions tend to be large but are great value.


Millers Ale House Mountain Melt

Millers signature Zinger Mountain Melt

A relative newcomer on the scene which we can also heartily recommend is Cheddar’s on US 192 with a great range of dishes offering something for everyone at reasonable prices.

Cheddar's meal

A slightly healthier meal at Cheddar’s



A hidden gem which we always enjoy a lot is Kenny’s BBQ diner, a family-run place off US 27 just south of Clermont. Don’t be put off by its very unassuming exterior. It may be cheap and cheerful, but it’s not to be missed.

Similar to Kenny’s and also just off US 27 – but this time southwards towards Haines City – is Sonny’s

Over the years we’ve very much enjoyed going to Gator’s Dockside at Cagan Crossings, northbound on US 27, but that has since closed and the nearest one now is at Clermont – again northbound on US 27. We love their boneless wings!

We can also recommend the Davenport Diner.  Its image is of a local cafe style and it has good value lunches – and breakfasts too – and the portions are generous.  You can find it on US 27 southbound, beyond the I-4 intersection. It’s only open for breakfast and lunch.

Davenport Diner Chicken and Fries

Chicken strips and fries at the Davenport Diner

Davenport Ale House (not to be confused with the Davenport Diner) is perhaps a touch expensive for what you get, but they do amazing loaded fries and brilliant boneless chicken wings

 Bob Evans is a quality American-style diner providing large portions and great coffee!  You can find the nearest one on US 27, just south of the I-4 intersection

IHOP means classic American food, but in our view is not as good as Bob Evans.



You may well know of Wendy’s which is like McDonald’s but with square burgers.  Our nearest one is in ChampionsGate

 There’s a small Subway at the filling station on the corner of Ronald Reagan Parkway and US 27 as part of the Circle K filling station on the villa side of the junction

 Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs is one of the best budget places there.  They offer a variety of different chicken burgers and tenders. Not surprisingly, it can get busy

 D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs serves incredible burgers and combo meals which make it good value for money

…. and, as you might expect, there are McDonald’s outlets everywhere! Our nearest one is in ChampionsGate



Rock and Brews on US 27 has a great atmosphere and an excellent beer selection

If you like ice cream you just can’t miss the Ample Hills Creamery.  There’s one on Disney’s Boardwalk and another due to open at Disney Springs 

We’ve tried Panera Bread, but we thought it was a bit pricey for what you got 

Ghirardelli at Disney Springs isn’t a restaurant as such but they give out free chocolates and they do have a cafe too 

As the name suggests, Waffle House offers amazing waffles, but service can be slow and we have wondered about hygiene standards

Cracker Barrel (just south on US 27) offers southern states American food and serve amazing pancakes, great French toast and super coffee. Below is the fluffy pancakes dish with warm maple syrup and the bacon and eggs dish.

Cracker Barrel pancakes  Cracker Barrel breakfast

Vegans and Vegetarians

You may already be aware that the US can be a tough place for vegetarians and vegans.  Vegetables as part of a dish are not necessarily standard fare.  None of us in the family are confirmed vegetarians or vegans, so I’m afraid we can’t offer any thoughts from our own experience, but you can find ideas for vegan and/or vegetarian eateries in the area on these sites –


Try this site –  or these –  /  /    


Try this site –  

A number of mainstream restaurants claim to be vegan- or vegetarian-friendly.

General Advice

Do check the map at the top of the page for locations.

The quickest way to get to the cluster of eateries on US 192 is via the I-4 freeway towards Orlando and then on the 429 freeway (first exit off the I-4 when travelling towards Orlando). The 429 is a toll road, but charges are modest and it’s worth it for the time you’re likely to save.

Do check out opening hours before you set off as some establishments don’t stay open late.

If you’d like ideas of places where children can eat free or almost free, see here for more details

Have a look at the Facebook Group “The Orlando Restaurant Guide” which gives recommendations from individuals of places to eat out in the Orlando area.

For entertainment options please click here and for more dining options please click here.